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When I first heard of this band, the previous/current bands that all four members have contributed to, alone, set my tongue wagging. Although the idea was still young, Ireland’s Contort injected the noise back into punk with their previous release, “An Island of Noise In An Island Of Silence”.

The uncompromising sound that comes out of one’s speakers the minute you press play tackles familiar subjects such as Christianity, misanthropy, and life in general in current Ireland; but with a new level of raw anger.
Vocalist ED (also of Denovissimis) delivers such haunting vocals that one can’t help but become lost; yet hang onto every snarling statement made. While Eric’s layer upon layer of immense distortion sends this band into another world. The thumping combination of Damo on drums and Al on bass emitted a thundering pulse into the distorted madness and really made Contort come out swinging with their first release.

Last year, they toured with WARNING/WARNING of France and it was my first chance to see what I can only describe as an unexpected surprise in the flesh.
There was no introduction, no social commentary in between songs and no desire to impress, nor disappoint. Those 20 minutes can be summed up simply as “the real deal”. Seeing them live offers a chance to see the men behind the madness and hopefully 2012 will see them return to these shores.

Their latest offering comes from THE HIVE studio in Dublin, recorded by James Eager (Bacchus/Divisions Ruin). This release sees the band progress to a more tailored offering, whilst still retaining the noise that makes them!

From the opening track, they do not let up! “Endless Myopic Bastards” sees the ferociousness of songs such as “Life is Cheap” and “Psychic Fucking Vampires” gel with the stompy catchiness and almost already ‘classic’ riff-age of “Death Dealing Breath of the Gods” thus making this a Punk record that can grab all ends of the spectrum and drags them down a distorted path to Hell!

The tape clocks in at only 17 minutes long; leaving one flabbergasted, yet famished for more! The only thing to say is if you haven’t heard of this band yet, the time is now. Currently about to tear apart “Mean’s to an End” festival, look out for this band as they are just moving from strength to strength!

“Endless Myopic Bastards” – £3.50 inc. P&P – Email us for more details:

FREE DOWNLOAD: “An Island of Noise in an Island of Silence” DEMO-

We’re at it again!!!

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Distro list (13/04/2011)

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Price’s DON’T include postage, email me for wholesale/Trades

Headwrecker’s Kitchen!

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Inspired by a re-gained career move and Pentagram’s “Relentless”


 Also available for childrens parties!

Nobody likes you!

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Modern Bullshit!

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This release marks one of the greatest Irish Hardcore bands today.


I can say this with conviction after seeing the evolution of Crowd Control over the years.

The first time i saw them was one of there first gigs, in Eamon Doran’s Temple Bar 2007’ish. The loud abrasive sound that made CC stand above the rest was prominent from the first note. At the time they had the sound Gehenna would kill and the balls-out straight up vibe that cast a shadow over what integrity were trying to resurrect at the time! What a first experience to receive, I was hooked and they were quickly snapped up when I started booking gigs in the big schmoke over here!

The corridors of Headwrecker ave been banging with their tune’s constantly (more like rumbling but our tone-deaf neighbours ave loved the free massage).

There most recent escapade was over with the Fag Enablerz also from Dublin and CC’s side project Loose Nut. All the bands that even really did show the mammoth amount of intensity and talent the Irish music scene has at the moment but at the same time, The bands only preluded the set I was waiting for and yet again, from the first note I was hooked. The band i saw throughout was still there but It was a new sound…… or

The record itself  Keeps the Gehenna sound that drew me to CC but also reeks of early 90’s Death Metal acts such as Master, Obituary and Massacre! This record personifies the link between bludgeoning Hardcore Riffage, the intense noise of Japans Gauze and The Ferocious nature of Napalm death, Master and every element one needed to call this the record of the year, if not the decade so far!

The current line-up will soon be short lived so please do check them out if you have the chance. If not they have just released a 12inch via Modern Bullshit and keep an eye out for the upcoming 10inch.

Both will soon be in stock within Headwrecker.

The Loving Room Floor!!!

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When not occupied being a half-assed chef or tearing ass around London street for feck-all cash, one does enjoy pottering around, making a house a home with many a chore to do. Amidst all this one is left longing for a soundtrack to the day and tasks ahead and out of the homeland storms this little gem!

The Loving Room Floor is a once a week half hour radio show recorded, mixed and produced by DJ Gaz le rock. Gazzy has been waowing audiences and authorities alike with his band MOUTPIECE an all out ass-kicking rock outfit and a highlight of the current Dublin music scene. They have released an album with such classic’s as 24 STELLA and  . They also produce some mamoth music videos and with the Latest ballad ALCO DAD showing no mercy, moutpiece realy do pack a punch.

So it comes as no suprise that when word was put out and finally reached the darkest depths of east London that I was floored by the first several episodes. This show is a non-stop rollercoaster of Gazzy’s own-brand of eccentric humor, various sound effects and editing that would make pro-tools short circut. The loving room Floor is, to me, unmissable and im currently awaiting the next installment.

Check it out

Or send Gaz himself a request or some off-lisence funds, the cuts didnt just happen here you know!

Distruction of a person, builds character!

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This is my last gig for a while as the office’s here at headwrecker have been raided and need to be ready to rise from the ashes once more* I do hope to see many a face as its all you want on a friday night!!!

*office hours only!


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…..will end soon!

Fall of the Bastards!*

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So this is finally going ahead after years of neglect, ALL!! proceeds are going to Janky James and Christian who had the misfortune of coming off there bike’s this week. All the possie here at headwrecker wish’em well and a safe recovery. If your saturday is booked up with other activities then why not muck about with the after-work fiasco of the ALLEYKAT thats happening the day before, FRIDAY @ foundry or whenever our might leader decides to forcast his intentions….

Watch this space for a half-assed update, or just Show up and help a brotha out!

*I just felt the name of the band im currently listening to as im typing this post went well with the topic at hand, check em out HERE

Word on the grapevine is there’s lovely prizes In store