OK….so after a wee break Headwrecker is back up and running, The two releases planned for this summer have somewhat taken a turn but  two 7inches from Headwrecker are coming nonetheless!.  First is the Drainland 7inch. This is a split release between Headwrecker and Dublin’s Suburban Mayhem Industries. Drainland are planning some short irish tours over the next while, one involving battle of wolf 359, a fantastic emo-violence band from London. Be sure to check Drainland out live if you have the chance, if not there three track demo “SWINE” is available for download on there myspace.

The Planned Spectra Hawk/Treatiod Split has been abandoned Due to the Hawk Calling it a day, however a new band started by Bloody Kev is in the works, watch this space for more info.



In other news, The band Soro (which I just so happen to sing in) has just finished recording and is currently putting together a 12inch of music. We are looking for a label to release so anyone reading this who might be interested let me know……or if your just curious to hear us check it out for yourself


However due to further recording and outside commitments SORO wont be playing many gigs until next year, watch this space for further info…….

~ by headwrecker on May 7, 2009.

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