Tear it up!!!

After recovering from an intercontinental drive back to London, its straight back to the grind here at Headwrecker Industries……….With the help of the mantathalon crew, The following is goin down!!!


The rollapalooza is on the next night so why not make a weekend out of it!, prizes include some homemade delightful patches from the Headwrecker Bedroom*



Theres a couple up for grabs at the kat but if you find me sitting on THEE corner or just milling around london pretending to do work there £1 each or the set for £2.50**. More Design’s coming soon. These will make you look kool and improve your life*** along with these little numbers!


With courier appreciation day around the corner the Wonderful L.C.E.F. inlisted Headwrecker’s badge making labour force to churn out a few to hand out. Catch up with Dazzaler or the rest of the crew and scrounge a few off em.

Looks like there’s a busy few months ahead for Headwrecker. The Drainland 7inch looks set for January 2010 along with the long awaited Easpa Measa/Divisions Ruin Split 10inch. These two vinyl’s will set the benchmark for whats going on in Irish Crust at the moment. Watch out for D.R. touring with Bacchus Janurary 11th****, a headwrecker fiasco!

(*Hopefully the start of many)
(**Im cheap!)
(***Or just keep me in veggie samosa’s and strawberry liquorice)
(****Venue to be confirmed, but its on a Saturday night so expect it to be a heavy one!)

~ by headwrecker on October 21, 2009.

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