DEAD and loving it!

Race Results for the Bride of Frankenkat:

1st Robin 303
2nd James Jordan 02
3rd Sketch 12
4th Juliet 04
5th Minhai 29
6th Ian 133
7th Ondine 20
8th Cynthia 07
9th Arsene 667
10th Martin 77
11th Phillip
12th Alex

The other 20 racers finished somewhere after……

Thank’s to everyone who came out, raced, or manned a check point, and to Vojtech who survived an evening of lying on hannibal road’s finest concrete with several pounds of cold spagetti, peas, a few inner-tubes and watery ketchup on top of him. You sir are a king among men!


Special thanks to Tour de Ville, House of Pistard, and Bicycle Union for all the prizes. Headwrecker’s donations were not met with the same desire as I just so happened to find a few of my patches (like the lovely one shown above!) lying, soaked, outside the foundry, doh! Also Special Thanks to Robin for returning Dave’s bike key that fell into his prize bag. All in all it was a great turn-out and hopefully the racing public have a taste and can eagerly look forward to the joint adventure of Headwrecker and The House of Pistard….watch this space for further details!

In Label news SORO are currently finishing the mastering of there Debut Album. The recording took place and the 1in12 club Bradford and was mixed and mastered by Bri Doom! Soro are currently looking for a third label to put this work out, anyone interested feel free to contact myself or there myspace.

Last but not least the opening of London’s first and only all-bmx shop happened last weekend. “VOLT BMX” carries all the latest products from such brands as United, Chrome and of course Bicycle Union. Open 10am – 6pm Monday – Saturday. Its about time!


~ by headwrecker on October 31, 2009.

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