Busy, Busy, Busy!

Yes, according to 157 Stamford Street, its that time of the year again! but thankfully the next few weeks bring about a bit of positive buzz for Headwrecker. 

In Label news, nextweek see’s the first gig in a while for SORO. There the support for the last gig of the infamous polish hardcore band  “ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW”, which Ironically translates as “Bike Thieve’s”. This is there last gig and it will be a pleasure to see them off with a bang. Other support comes from Hello Bastards and Swine Hotline, Its all happening at the Grosvenor Saturday 28th November 8pm.

Headwrecker also announces another addition to its label. Dublin’s ESTEL who for many years now have challenged the narrowminded Punk’s, Metalheads and anyone who generally refers to music as “umm-pah, um-pah”. They have toured constantly throughout the last ten years and have even colaberated with the likes of Mike Watt and Steve McKaye (ex-stooges, minutemen). The news album is set for spring 2010. This album will hopefully be added to the long awaited release of the Drainland Vinyl. This release will now be a debut album and will join Estel’s release in the Headwrecker catalogue to highlight Dublin’s booming underground Music scene.

In other news, Courier appreciation day is happening on Thursday the 26th November. Click HERE to see far too much information on this! Also the LCEF is already planning its christmas shindig and after the shambles that was Headwrecker’s part in the bride of frankenkat, our services along with the House of pistard’s crack team is busy at work trying to figure out the theme for the upcoming Kat, stay tuned for more info.

Yes, yes life is back to busy for Headwrecker, however the ability to persue all these tasks require’s gainful employment, so when not on the road, one can be found producing Vegan treats for various cafe’s and restaurants around London.  Everything from Sponge’s and Puddings to Biscuits and Muffins…..

…..however the Hitler Gingerbreadmen didnt go down so well…..  

~ by headwrecker on November 19, 2009.

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