Still here!

Ok, so its been a while, but with the christmas rush creeping up on us, and the christmas party inebriating us, headwrecker industries has been involved in a good bit of behind the scene’s work in order to keep its ball rolling…………..

kicking off the new year is a fantastic group of lads from Ireland: Bacchus and Divisions Ruin who come to assault our ears with some of Irleands best DIY music in the scene right now!

Support for the night comes from the Gargantuan sound of Regieme’s. Be sure to check them out if your round brixton or in the mood for some sweet D-beat!

In other news, its been a tough few week weatherwise so employment has’nt been as uplifting as one would expect!?! the snow’s been hitting us hard and this has’nt helped the strain put on our tools of the trade, as seen below……

two pairs in as many weeks, unforuntaily my faith in lidl merchandise is none the stronger but they got headwrecker through it till the sidi’s came in the post.

This could be headwreckers last post for 2009 so a plesant break for everyone!, But while we pat ourselves on the back for putting ourselves through these harsh winter months, remember, there are people crazier than us who do it for fun!, BEHOLD…………..

~ by headwrecker on December 21, 2009.

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