……so ill finish!

After wading through the ice put down by yesterday’s shitstorm and not being let into a building as apparently I bare a striking resemblence to a suicidebomber! I was plagued with a strange grinding sound on my bike throughout the last couple of hours of my gargantuan climax of this years christmas rush. Was it the bottom bracket, the cranks, had my hub decided to retire early? who knows!?! but who cares, The noise didnt go away but the dockets kept coming!

and then, upon coming out of the last drop of  the day I found the culprit…..


I decided to run the gauntlet and try and make it to the office as i was finished and calling it a day anyway and low-n-behold, coming off the kerb of the building, SNAP!!!…..

So thats it for another year of gainful employment, Thanks to everyone involved in general, a pleasure to share the road with all you lovely people, all the good run’s put together, radio banter, friendly waves and and after-work antic’s make this job worth doing.

Now ill swallow my shit-eating grin and get back to retaining my title  “everyone’s favourite grumpy Irishman” bestowed by the lovely Mary…..

Happy holidays you bastards!

P.S. Where’s my link Bill!……..

~ by headwrecker on December 22, 2009.

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