strange and sketchy in 2010!

Greetings and all Hail the new year!

As headwrecker kickstarts 2010, the cold chill of winter is still upon us but the promise of spring awakens even the hardest of slumbers……

With a new year comes new opprotunities, hopes and dreams for 2010……

Unfortunatly old habits die hard and gainful employment still brings alot of hanging around! and with time to kill, headwrecker has been immersed in other activites! We’re bringing the Mighty HELLO BASTARDS on tour to Ireland, these bastards are at their peak and a trip round the emerald isle is long overdue! Those of you lucky enough to live near any of the following dates, be sure to check ’em out….

4th February – GALWAY @ The Celler Bar w/ Anger Management and By Any Means

5th February – CORK @ Fred Zeppelins w/ Sewer Rat and Trenches

6th February – DUBLIN @ The Exchange “Moshspace Hardcore for charity

A tour of epic proportions, sharing the stage with some of the best Irish Punk/Hardcore bands at the moment, be sure to catch these gigs or you fail at music!

However, not all of the gainfully employed are as lucky as headwrecker and the lack of work has lead to Delirium Tremen’s among some folk of the courier world, captured in this kodak moment.

One could simply roll over and take this but the courier world lashes back this February with the UK roller race championships!


Full details are listed HERE, come down and watch, hurl abuse or just stay at home and be bitter, we’re way kooler** than you anyway!

** spelt with a “K”, yeh, THAT much kooler!

In other news, headwrecker has been exploring other talents brought to light within the industries collective……


These delights were brought about many a time by headwreckers own band of Bake-enger’s. Come sample a sample at headwrecker’s home away from home, or for those who are too greedy to share, contact the Bake-enger department for orders, I hear they are reasonably priced and accommidate all taste’s, even those fruity Vay-gans get a chance!***

*** They are people too! weak, tree-hugging, sanctimonius people, but hey, have a heart! 

In the meantime here’s what’s been keeping the headwrecker collective amused till we find something better to do…


Feminist issues…



These activities were met with a not-so-positive response left on the headwrecker cubicle wall


until the nextime……



~ by headwrecker on January 31, 2010.

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