“Ouch” is the word of the week in headwrecker’s industrial estate as a nasty bout of plague swept the masses! The heard needed to be culled and it gives those who are worthy a chance to update the public on going’s on!

Ireland was fantastic, thanks to all who came out to each show and made the tour whatthat it was, a big thank you to Hello Bastards for enduring the fast-paced Irish accent for a week and the snappier, frosty wind that cut through us all. Leaving us with a wistful meloncoly that is my kidney infection, BA-ZING!

On the otherhand two of headwreckers bakenger-slaves managed to stumble across a right little gem in the depths of galway….

Thats right people, father Ted’s house DOES exist!, located on the Boston road of Kilnaboy Co. Clare. For those who are so lucky, or desperate, to want to venture towards the house the coordinates on Headwreckers brand-spanking-new GPS are: W9.02998 N53.00976

Many a jovial moment was had, well about 15 of them due to our overwhelming urge to stuff the donations box with teabags!…..we left shortly after.

And so we returned to this so-called homeland, the yearning to revisit good times far from leaving us, then we spotted this on our route back to the estate……

I love London, the attraction to so many a nutter makes it not so bad after all………

~ by headwrecker on February 15, 2010.

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