After a clearout the Headwrecker Distro stands as follows…..


Crowd Control/Mob Rules 7inch £3 *NEW RELEASE*
Burning the Prospect/Bacchus 7inch £3 *NEW RELEASE*
Rot in hell/the process split 7inch £3 *NEW RELEASE* 
Imperial leather/knife in the leg Split 7inch £3
Burning love demo 7inch £3
15 Bands in 28 Minutes “Irrk Records Comp” 10inch £6
Shades of Grey “Freedom/Incarceration 12inch £7
Battle of Wolf 359/Kaddish Split 7inch £3
Dead in the Wods/Diet Pills Split 12inch £10
The Fight 12inch £7
Lakme 7inch £ 3
Party Wierdo 7inch £3
Thou/Leech Split 12inch £7
Tunguska/Kraktermoord Split 7inch £3
Battle of Wolf 359/Singaia Split 7inch £3
Thou “peasant” 12inch £7
Cough S/T 12inch (Double LP) £10
The Third Memory 12inch £7 
Thou “Tyrant” 12inch £7
Blank Stare 12inch £7
Easpa Measa/Silence split 12inch £7
B.A.T.B./Tunguska Split 12inch £7
Exil “xii-xx” 12inch £8
The Fight “maldicion” 12inch £7
Nuclear Death Terror 12inch £7
Denovissimis/Wreck the Hesperus Split 10inch £6
Army of Flying Robots 12inch £5
The Wankys 12inch £7
The bold and the beautiful/S.A.T.A.N. Split 12inch £7
Fashion 7inch £3
Divisions Ruin 7inch £3
Apes of rath/Stay rad split cd £2
Chewing on Tinfoil ep £2
Altar of Plagues “White Tomb” cd £7
Dakhma demo £2
Jesus of Spazzareth cd £2
Jinn cd £1
Exploded Face cd £1.50
Army of Flying Robots “Discography” cd £4
Gundhi 3196ep £2
Pugent Sound/Kidd Blunt Split cd £2
Estel “The Bones of Something” £2
Spectra Hawk Demo *NEW RELEASE* £1
Deathskulls/Shackle me not Split cd £3
“The bitter days ahead”comp cd £3
Books and other stuff
“Hammered by the Irish” by Harry Browne £5
Loserdom Zine *NEW ISSUE* £2
Baby Beef (irish indie music) Zine £2.50
Party Wierdo european tour dvd £4
Denovissimis/Serpents Split live cd £3
Unset #6 Zine £1
Rag #1 £2
Rag #2 £2
The Devil on 45 zine # 3 £2
Shirts (All size S Im Afraid)
Trial “Red Flag design”
Trial “Seattle Reunion”
Pisschrist “Punkis love” Shirt
Army of Flying Robots “Tape+Crossbones”
I’ve still got loads of my  Logo and “Pedal away…..” Patches aswell 50p each. “One Less car” stickers in Irish/Polish and English 50p each too.  More things to come soon once I pull the finger out!……..
I need to get out more!

~ by headwrecker on March 28, 2010.

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