The Loving Room Floor!!!

When not occupied being a half-assed chef or tearing ass around London street for feck-all cash, one does enjoy pottering around, making a house a home with many a chore to do. Amidst all this one is left longing for a soundtrack to the day and tasks ahead and out of the homeland storms this little gem!

The Loving Room Floor is a once a week half hour radio show recorded, mixed and produced by DJ Gaz le rock. Gazzy has been waowing audiences and authorities alike with his band MOUTPIECE an all out ass-kicking rock outfit and a highlight of the current Dublin music scene. They have released an album with such classic’s as 24 STELLA and  . They also produce some mamoth music videos and with the Latest ballad ALCO DAD showing no mercy, moutpiece realy do pack a punch.

So it comes as no suprise that when word was put out and finally reached the darkest depths of east London that I was floored by the first several episodes. This show is a non-stop rollercoaster of Gazzy’s own-brand of eccentric humor, various sound effects and editing that would make pro-tools short circut. The loving room Floor is, to me, unmissable and im currently awaiting the next installment.

Check it out

Or send Gaz himself a request or some off-lisence funds, the cuts didnt just happen here you know!

~ by headwrecker on November 1, 2010.

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