When I first heard of this band, the previous/current bands that all four members have contributed to, alone, set my tongue wagging. Although the idea was still young, Ireland’s Contort injected the noise back into punk with their previous release, “An Island of Noise In An Island Of Silence”.

The uncompromising sound that comes out of one’s speakers the minute you press play tackles familiar subjects such as Christianity, misanthropy, and life in general in current Ireland; but with a new level of raw anger.
Vocalist ED (also of Denovissimis) delivers such haunting vocals that one can’t help but become lost; yet hang onto every snarling statement made. While Eric’s layer upon layer of immense distortion sends this band into another world. The thumping combination of Damo on drums and Al on bass emitted a thundering pulse into the distorted madness and really made Contort come out swinging with their first release.

Last year, they toured with WARNING/WARNING of France and it was my first chance to see what I can only describe as an unexpected surprise in the flesh.
There was no introduction, no social commentary in between songs and no desire to impress, nor disappoint. Those 20 minutes can be summed up simply as “the real deal”. Seeing them live offers a chance to see the men behind the madness and hopefully 2012 will see them return to these shores.

Their latest offering comes from THE HIVE studio in Dublin, recorded by James Eager (Bacchus/Divisions Ruin). This release sees the band progress to a more tailored offering, whilst still retaining the noise that makes them!

From the opening track, they do not let up! “Endless Myopic Bastards” sees the ferociousness of songs such as “Life is Cheap” and “Psychic Fucking Vampires” gel with the stompy catchiness and almost already ‘classic’ riff-age of “Death Dealing Breath of the Gods” thus making this a Punk record that can grab all ends of the spectrum and drags them down a distorted path to Hell!

The tape clocks in at only 17 minutes long; leaving one flabbergasted, yet famished for more! The only thing to say is if you haven’t heard of this band yet, the time is now. Currently about to tear apart “Mean’s to an End” festival, look out for this band as they are just moving from strength to strength!

“Endless Myopic Bastards” – £3.50 inc. P&P – Email us for more details:

FREE DOWNLOAD: “An Island of Noise in an Island of Silence” DEMO-

~ by headwrecker on October 19, 2011.

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