Distruction of a person, builds character!

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This is my last gig for a while as the office’s here at headwrecker have been raided and need to be ready to rise from the ashes once more* I do hope to see many a face as its all you want on a friday night!!!

*office hours only!


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…..will end soon!

Fall of the Bastards!*

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So this is finally going ahead after years of neglect, ALL!! proceeds are going to Janky James and Christian who had the misfortune of coming off there bike’s this week. All the possie here at headwrecker wish’em well and a safe recovery. If your saturday is booked up with other activities then why not muck about with the after-work fiasco of the ALLEYKAT thats happening the day before, FRIDAY @ foundry or whenever our might leader decides to forcast his intentions….

Watch this space for a half-assed update, or just Show up and help a brotha out!

*I just felt the name of the band im currently listening to as im typing this post went well with the topic at hand, check em out HERE

Word on the grapevine is there’s lovely prizes In store

Not a good week…

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But at least its productive!

It gets better!

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Upped the antie a lil, may aswell go out with a bang!

Sh*t’s goin down!!!

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Alright, its a bit far off but this is the last one for a while as headwrecker’s organising the annual summer holidays and frankly i can’t be arsed as id rather be drinking!

London’s finest (and only) courier moshgroup RAGWORM are kicking things off so be sure to ditch that job taking you home and head towards stokey for a decient night out! If anything it’s a good chance to see the boys in action before the booze has set in!

Enjoy 🙂


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Right so after the gaff and ryans bar screwing us over bigtime its been a tough week for headwrecker but after much debating and midnight jive sessions we’ve sorted a venue for saturday……..

This will help the Geriatric Unit boys with there european tour fund so please do come down, bands are on from 8-11ish and with a bar serving the finest ale’s till 2am you’d be a fool not to.